How Can I Help You?



My clients often seek individual services on a short- or long-term basis to help identify and address obstacles that prevent them from reaching personal goals. You might have noticed a decrease in functionality at home or at work. Additionally, you might have questions about how to change your current condition and the desire to do so, without knowing where to start.


I can help you:
    • work towards a more positive self-image.
    • explore more existential themes (e.g. “what’s my purpose? Or “why am I here?”).
    • define and achieve a greater sense of personal growth.


Couples that seek out therapy are usually feeling symptoms of relational distress. They find themselves experiencing conflict more frequently and intensely. As a result, these couples find themselves in a cycle of fear, negativity, discouragement, and disengagement while asking questions like these:
    • How can I feel closer to my partner?
    • How can I create a happy, loving, and lasting relationship with my partner?
    • How can I resolve conflicts efficiently and productively?
    • How can we heal from an affair?
I can help couples:
    • confront their fears about intimacy and/or infidelity, work on anger issues, and resolving conflict safely instead of withdrawing or avoiding.
    • learn to validate each other’s opinions, feelings, and desires.
    • improve the lines of communication.
    • take the risk in deepening their connection with their partner.

Discernment Counseling

Some couples need a space to explore their options before making a final decision about divorce. One person may want to salvage the relationship, while the other is leaning toward ending it. For this “mixed agenda” couple, I can offer Discernment counseling as a tool to provide necessary structure to determine if their relational problems can be solved. Research indicates that this presentation is common among couples approaching divorce, and that traditional couples therapy can be ineffective.


Discernment counseling differs from regular marriage counseling in three ways: 1) the goal is not to solve problems in the relationship, but to figure out whether the problems can be solved; 2) the process involves mainly individual conversations with each partner, since they each have different needs and agendas, and 3) it is always short term. Please see for additional information.

Online Therapy

An online therapy session is essentially the same as an office visit, but from the convenience of your home or office. We meet through a secure video platform, similar to Skype or Face Time. While some clients prefer meeting in an office, others struggle with increasing demands on their time with work, family, traffic, and other obligations. Meeting online can be a timesaving tool for those busy individuals and allows them to still benefit from therapy with minimal disruption to their day.


Recent studies indicate that online therapy is just as successful as meeting in person for some clinical issues. While it can be helpful, online therapy is not for everyone. Feel free to ask me if online services are appropriate for you.


    My fee is $200 per session, however a sliding scale is available based on financial need.