Who is Dr. Loree Johnson?

I completed my Masters and Doctoral training at Syracuse University, which offers one of the nation’s first accredited Marriage and Family Therapy programs. Their curriculum is widely known for maintaining a commitment to diversity while training culturally sensitive and competent therapists. This emphasis provided me with a foundation for addressing the diversity needs of therapists in supervision, and with clients in my clinical work. I maintain an active practice with locations in Hermosa Beach and Santa Clarita.


I am passionate about issues related to Marriage and Family Therapy education and training. I am a clinical fellow of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy and have served on state and national boards. My ultimate goal is to continue to define Marriage and Family Therapy as a distinct profession within the mental health field.


I also value holistic approaches to healing and am a Reiki Master. I believe in providing a dynamic, yet calming presence that seeks to nurture a client’s mind and soul, while emphasizing that healing occurs on all levels. While traditional talk therapy is a common and useful tool, alternative methods may be explored at the client’s request.


I currently reside in Hermosa Beach, CA with my husband and enjoy salsa dancing, traveling, reading, and riding my motorcycle in my spare time.